Please visit a few of the sites we have designed (will open in a new window):

This interactive music based site was created for a veteran music evangelist with an mp3 player, streaming video player, and more. This is a fourth revision after several years of development.

Cost = $15,000 (Earlier Flash Version)

This site was created entirely with Flash. Includes pre-loader, intro with sound and controls, and a fully-functional, self-contained website. This version is no longer linked to the main website, and is only online as an example of Flash design.

Cost = $4000

Easy to navigate site leading to pages that contain YouTube movies with text boxes.

Cost = $500

From absolute scratch we created the entire concept and design for this prospective site, including all text composition, banners, logo, and imagery. The site has only a few working links at this time. Check out the "New England Primer" which was created in Flash. Only a few pages (of 50+) are complete at this time to showcase our capabilities. This is an indefinite work-in-progress that will develop over time.

Eventual Cost = $45,000

A professionally-appealing site that is easy to navigate to become familiar with this financial services firm.

Cost = $1000

Another example of an easy to navigate site with a professional appeal, featuring digital imagery of the actual storage facility.

Cost = $1000

A very professional and simple to navigate site for an independent agent of Nationwide Insurance.

Cost = $1000

This site was created using various elements to create a simple and attractive place to learn more about the company's opportunity.

Cost = $1000 (not including coding)

With the help of an experienced coder, this site was created to allow members to purchase various contents for their cell phones.

Cost = $1500 (not including coding)



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